Joe's Toes Self-striping Sock Yarn 100g

Joe's Toes self-striping sock yarn. When you knit with this magical yarn the stripes appear all by themselves, as the different colours are dyed into the yarn at fixed positions to make the pattern.

This large 100g ball of sock yarn is plenty to make a good sized pair of slipper socks. 

It can be quite hard to guess at the pattern before you knit so  I've had my lovely friends Fiona and Barrie knit some samples for us, but please remember the exact pattern will very with the number of stitches per round. Fiona's tip for a matching pair  is to "start the second sock at the same point in the yarn as the first."

75% wool for warmth and comfort, 25% nylon for longevity.

weight 100g, length 400m 

Needle size 2.5 - 3mm

The finished socks can be machine or hand washed on a cool wool wash. 

If you're looking for new sock patterns we would suggest a visit to pattern-hop where you can make a donation to their charity in return for the pattern. 

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